How To Avoid Cancer With A Better Lifestyle

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Cancer is a disease which can occur in any part of our body. It is generally caused when body cells in a particular region starts multiplying and grows more in number than required by that organ. These multiple cells take form of tumor. Cancer causing factors may be hereditary or a persons eating habit and […]

Examples Of What Causes Cancer

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What causes cancer? The causes of cancer can be described in two dimensions, the factors that make someone susceptible to cancer and the carcinogen that triggered the cancer. A carcinogen is something that is known to increase someones risk of cancer. Tobacco smoke and sun damage are well known carcinogens. A carcinogen can increase the […]

Facts About Male Breast Cancer

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Aberrant cell enlargement patterns in the breast or cancer of the breast happens generally among females and is rare among males. It’s thought that for each hundred breast cases, one involves a male victim. Men are also likelier to overlook little chest lumps as early indications of the illness due to its weird occurrence among […]

The ABCs of Dental Care

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In almost any field there are basics, the fundamental facts or principles from which other truths can be derived. Without an understanding of these basics we lack the building blocks for greater knowledge or competence. For example, before we can write we learn our ABCs. Geometry first requires an understanding of arithmetic, and so on. […]

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) in our society is very high. We live in a far more open minded environment than our parents or grandparents, and consequently, a significant number of teenagers today are having sexual intercourse. Regrettably, although these teenagers are old enough to enjoy sex, they aren’t necessarily mature enough to […]

Breast Cancer Ribbon

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These days almost every worthy cause finds itself a proper ribbon, without getting into the debate about the use of ribbons and how people use them, there are not many ribbons that I know of that are more important than the breast cancer ribbon. Breast cancer is a dangerous enemy, while it is true that […]

Infertility in Female and Male

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Getting pregnant can be as simple as withholding contraception. Yet for some, it is an emotional, physical and financial burden. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, one-third of infertility cases are female factor infertility, one-third are male factor, and the remaining third involve problems on both sides, or unexplained causes. For most couples, […]

The Hispanic population Hispanics comprise approximately 16.3 % of U.S population and are catalogued as the largest growing demographic groups in the U.S. Hispanics comprise mostly of the working age group of younger adults. Survey evidence points out that, out of the total 310 million Americans the Hispanic population is nearly 50.5 million. Hispanic v/s […]

Steve Jobs And Pancreatic Cancer

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In the recent times, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, is one of the most renowned personality in the field of business. But very less people knows that in truth he is a patient of pancreatic cancer. In the year 2004, Jobs came to know that he is suffering from pancreatic cancer. He developed a large […]

Cancer may affect any bodily organ of the male and female urinary and male reproductive systems (as with all other kinds of cancer, the sooner a urological cancer is identified, the greater the chance of an effective treatment and getting rid of the cancer just before it gets intense and develops). It should be identified […]