Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes

Common Gym Mistakes

Cheating/poor technique</span>

– half reps
– lifting weights that are too heavy
– using momentum


– learn proper exercise form
– focus on muscle contraction
– use a bench or wall to curtail bad form

Going to low (under 8reps)

– sacrificing growth and development for lifting heavier
– run the risk of injury
– stroking your ego by lifting heavy


– take your muscles through their full range of movements
– complete 8-12 for most sets
– focus on your muscles contracting, not weight moving

Overuse of machines

– Performing too many mechanical movements
– taking the easy option of using machines
– limited muscle development from machines


– do mainly body weight and free weight exercises
– include compound exercises such as squats and dead lifts in your workout
– if using machines try and use cables that give similar freedom of movement as free weights

Insufficient intensity

– Failure to push yourself
– not focused on your workout
– easily distracted in the Gym


– learn techniques such as forced reps, rest-pause and negative reps to increase intensity
– cut down on your work out duration and frequency and make every minute count
– Get some good tunes on your iPod that get you motivated


– training every day and seeing no results
– sluggish in the gym with no energy
– Your body is constantly sore and tired


– Allow for rest days
– keep your workouts short, sharp and intense
– Try and space out heavier exercises throughout the week such as squats and deadlifts

Never changing your training routine

– sticking to the same routine long after you have out lived it’s results
– robotically going through the motions
– The body adapts and you plateau


– vary the exercises you do each session
– change the sets and reps to keep the body guessing
– speak to a Personal trainer for different ideas to incorporate in to your training


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