Laser engraving

Laser engraving

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Laser engraving

Etched Glass
Laser Engraving
Leaded Glass
Available Designs
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Intricately laser
engraved wood and acrylic paperweights, plaques, signs, awards and
presentation pieces.  These can be custom ordered with special artwork,
company logos, by our in house art staff.

red fox laser sign final.jpg (15093 bytes)

Laser Engraved Wood Plaques
Laser engraving can give a rich fine detailed look to your presentations,
awards, and employee recognition items.
Any of our designs can be engraved on any of our products.
Available Designs

Marblehead acrylic ice.jpg (25819 bytes)

Clear Acrylic Ice

This is a 3″ x 3″ by 3/4″ thick clear
acrylic intricately engraved with our Marblehead, Ohio lighthouse. 
It can also be engraved with any of our other designs listed on the 

toledo ac square.jpg (39347 bytes)

Acrylic Beveled Square
3″ x 3″ x 3/4″ thick clear acrylic 
Engraved with the Toledo, Ohio lighthouse.

card box adrinka design.jpg (14086 bytes)

Adinkra Designs

A number a designs derived from the Adinkra Cloth ,
depicting inspirational and religious themes.

A list of Adrinka designs is available upon request.

business card Holland.jpg (12438 bytes)

Wood Business Card Box

Laser engraved with Holland, Michigan lighthouse. 
This can also be used as a stand up display holder for business cards.

business card box metal.jpg (23915 bytes)

Metal Business Card Box

These are available in three colors, blue, black and
They can be ordered with custom logos, phrases or any of our standard

lasered marblehead final.jpg (23295 bytes)

This photo of a lighthouse was laser engraved with
a personalization into a coated brass to give the impressive image shown

Some of our new wood selections




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