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Somalia, a US War ‘Nobody is Watching’ – Nov 25, 2008
When the Islamic movement again strengthened, Isse, the terrorist jailed in Berbera, was a pharmacy owner from the isolated town of Buro in Somaliland,

UN rules keep modern pirates in business
Times and Transcript, Canada – 6 minutes ago
Since Somalia is currently divided between three different governments, only one of which (Somaliland) exercises even a modest degree of control over its

Somaliland: A Remarkable Progression
ireport – Nov 25, 2008
Earlier this year, the Somaliland House of Representatives approved the 2008 annual budget. A remarkable achievement for an unrecognized nation,

Somalia’s Dangerous Waters
FrontPage, CA – Nov 25, 2008
It should be feasible now to implement a permanent blockade of the Somali coast—ie that of Puntland and Somalia proper—since Somaliland seems capable of

Somalia: piracy and politics
Australia.TO, Australia – Nov 24, 2008
Hargeisa (the capital of the other notionally autonomous territory of Somaliland) are striking examples of the Islamists’ attempt to control the whole

Background Note: Djibouti (press release), New Zealand – Nov 24, 2008
It is the successor to French Somaliland (later called the French Territory of the Afars and Issas), which was created in the first half of the 19th century

Seventeen years of chaos
France24, France – Nov 24, 2008
In may, the Somaliland region, in the northwest, breaks away from the rest of the country. In November, a civil war breaks out in Mogadishu between

Africa can only fantasise about Obama’s victory
On Line opinion, Australia – 23 hours ago
My brother, a journalist, reached me from our hometown in Somaliland and told me how anxiously the people in Somaliland, that remote and neglected corner of


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