Seminar information – special events forum

Seminar information – special events forum

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Seminar information – special events forum

Seminar Agenda

Hours: 9 am-4:30 PM

Part One: Principles of Event Fundraising, or Why You Haven’t Made ,000,000

  • The symptoms of mission conflict
  • A confusion of standards
  • Activities vs. systems
  • Management focus: volume vs. profitability
  • Market-oriented planning
  • How special events support the “Pyramid of Giving”
  • What creates a “unique” event
  • Measuring the true cost and potential
  • Recruitment and deployment of volunteers
  • What information is important
  • The mystery of ticket pricing
  • Mis-use of the media
  • Sponsorship vs. philanthropy
  • The importance of event follow-up

Part Two: Building The Million-Dollar System, or Making More Money With Fewer

  • Integrating the elements of an event fundraising system
  • Investment issues (personnel, time, capital)

Who Should Attend:
Attendance is recommended nonprofit executives, staff, board members or event volunteers
interested in boosting the revenue from special events — CEO’s, Executive Directors,
Development Directors, event managers, Board members, and committee volunteers.

You Will Leave This Workshop With:

  • An action plan for accelerating the financial performance of special events
  • A diagnostic method for assessing the true worth of your current event fundraising
  • A comprehensive understanding of the nature of event fundraising and its unique
    investment requirements

Seminar Registration Fee Includes:

  • Seminar admission for one person
  • Course materials
  • Lunch and morning coffee


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