A Few Dangers Of Soda

A Few Dangers Of Soda

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We accept it as a daily beverage and grab a can of it without even thinking about it, but soda really should never be drunk by those who are in any way conscious of their health. The effects they can have on us are extremely detrimental.

We all need to greatly cut back on the amount of soda that we drink, but a lot of us want reasons why. Here’s just a few of the surprising, and unpleasant, facts about soda.

As tasty as it may be, the calories contained in soda offer no benefits at all to our health, and when we consume these calories they are merely stored by our bodies as fat. Ok, the cans many say that they are free of fat, but the excessive amount of sugar that is in soda can be very fattening. Therefore, consuming large amounts of soda can cause you to put weight on.

A very unpleasant fact about soda is the damage it does to our teeth. The staining builds up gradually until our teeth are discoloured. There is a direct link between soda and cavities.

A very serious effect of excessive soda consumption is the possible onset of Diabetes. As your body takes in the excess of sugar the rate that insulin is produced is greatly increased. As the consumption of these drinks has increased worldwide, so has the rate of Diabetes.

A new study has recently been conducted at the medical center in Georgetown by Noel Muller. Your chances of developing Pancreatic Cancer are increased by a massive 87% by consuming two or more sodas in a week. That is a very scary fact!

As this study isn’t conclusive with the results being so small, deaths caused by Pancreatic Cancer are on the increase and we should all seriously think about cutting back our soda consumption.


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