Is Hair Loss Normal In Adults And Children?

Is Hair Loss Normal In Adults And Children?

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When is hair loss normal? Have you ever brushed your hair and noticed that several strands were left in the brush? This is one type of normal “shedding.” About 10% of our hair will fall out naturally. There are cases of excessive hair loss and several different causes for it.

Many people find that a few months after surgery or an extended illness, their hair falls out in clumps. This is caused by the actual illness and is only temporary. It is caused by the stress of the illness and the actual ailment.

Hormonal imbalances frequently cause excessive hair loss. This can occur when estrogen or androgen is too low. Another disease which causes hormonal imbalance is thyroid disease. This can be caused from an overactive or under active thyroid gland. All of these ailments can be controlled with the proper medication.

Different types of infections can lead to hair loss. Children can be prone to fungal infections of the scalp. This can be treated easily with anti-fungal medication and is only temporary. Hair grows back to its normal cycle in about 2-6 years.

There are certain medications that may cause you to lose hair. One common cause is chemotherapy for cancer patients. This is extremely hard on your body and the hair loss will stop after the medication is halted. Other medications that may cause hair loss are blood thinners, antidepressants, and birth control pills.

Shedding a few hairs on a daily basis is completely natural. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss, there is usually a medical reason for it. Consulting a doctor will help get your questions answered. Sometimes when people grow older, their hair thins out or baldness occurs. This is hereditary and is unavoidable. Again, your doctor can advise you about this condition. There are several new treatments available to help halt this process.


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