Vaginal Warts – What Every Female Really Needs To Be Aware Of To Cope

Vaginal Warts – What Every Female Really Needs To Be Aware Of To Cope

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The HPV virus is usually considered as being a single virus. Actually, it’s really part of a family of greater than 100 assorted virus strains, and is in fact the most common family of viruses on the planet. The various strains cause different problems, with some leading to very dangerous health problems.

There are more than thirty types of the virus that have an effect on the genital area, and can produce cell abnormalities that can ultimately result in cervical cancer. Other strains, which affect the genital region, may cause genital warts and anal warts.

Person to person skin contact is the normal way that the virus is passed from one individual to another. It doesn’t always take sexual intercourse for the virus to be passed. Any skin to skin contact with the genital area can easily pass the virus from one infected person to someone else.

So what are the warning signs of HPV?

Now, for many people there aren’t any signs or symptoms. It’s quite possible for the HPV virus to remain hidden in the body, silently causing the body’s cells to undergo abnormal changes.

In females the abnormal transformations are especially worrying as they usually affect the cervix, and if left undetected can lead to cancer. It’s for that reason that it is really important that women go for regular Pap tests to discover any cell abnormalities before they develop into something more serious.

When there are symptoms of an HPV infection they usually come in the form of genital warts. These warts may sometimes be flat, or cauliflower like in appearance. Vaginal warts are common, however they can also emerge in other places including the thighs or anal area.

Vaginal warts are especially challenging for pregnant women as they can make the vagina less elastic, and this can result in difficulties when delivering the baby. The warts can also grow into big clusters which cause a physical obstruction to the delivery of the baby.

Also it’s not just the mother that suffers problems. It is possible for a baby born to an hpv infected woman to develop warts in the throat which can become a life threatening problem.

It’s important that anybody who believes that they may possibly be infected with the HPV virus take precautions to prevent spreading the virus to others, and also that they take action to take care of their own symptoms. There isn’t a cure for the HPV virus, but the symptoms can be treated successfully.


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