All About Endometriosis

All About Endometriosis

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Endometriosis sounds like one of those kinds of diseases youd get from using the wrong toilet or something. This isnt the case, though. Only women can get endometriosis. Why? Because only women have endometrium which is the tissue that lines a womans uterus.

In some cases, the pain might come and go; corresponding with your menstrual cycle so that the pain usually starts shortly before your period starts, and then peters off as the blood flow slows down. Other times, the pain could be constant, flare up randomly, or follow a different sort of schedule altogether.

Most of the time, when a woman has endometriosis, the stray endometrial tissue will be near the uterus and the surrounding area; like the ovaries, the sidewall of the pelvis, and the fallopian tubes. Its also possible to find endometrial cells in places like laparoscopy scars and caesarian section scars.

In a lot of cases, endometriosis doesnt really show that many symptoms; and it wont necessarily cause that much bother. The stray tissue is most likely to be benign, although there is a chance that the endometrial tissue will be malignant and be a sign of cancer. Nonetheless, it can be really tough to detect. This is why a lot of endometriosis cases will go undocumented and undiagnosed.

Even if your endometriosis isnt in one of those awkward places, like your brain, its still a really good idea to get your condition checked if youre suffering from the symptoms. Most of the implants will be benign, and not cancerous, but they can still cause problems. Wherever the endometrial cells end up, most women who suffer from endometriosis say that the pain is debilitating and can really get in the way of their daily lives.

One of the best ways to find out whether or not you have endometriosis, is to get a laparoscopy. A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that is often used to find out if a person has endometriosis. Unfortunately, it can be pretty invasive and general anesthesia is often used.

Finding stray endometrial tissue will usually be accomplished with a surgical procedure called laparoscopy. This procedure is usually also used to treat the condition and remove the adhesions that endometriosis causes, as well as diagnosing this.

If you want to avoid getting endometriosis altogether though, there are definitely things that you can do. Exercise is really great for you in a lot of ways, and it can help you prevent endometriosis as well. Its also a lot less likely for a person to get endometriosis if she gets pregnant earlier in her adult life rather than later. If you dont want get knocked up at a younger age though, oral contraceptives can apparently go a long way to preventing endometriosis, as well as regulating hormone levels.


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