U.S Hispanics succumb more to cancer than heart conditions

U.S Hispanics succumb more to cancer than heart conditions

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The Hispanic population

Hispanics comprise approximately 16.3 % of U.S population and are catalogued as the largest growing demographic groups in the U.S. Hispanics comprise mostly of the working age group of younger adults. Survey evidence points out that, out of the total 310 million Americans the Hispanic population is nearly 50.5 million.

Hispanic v/s Cancer

Roughly 29,935 Hispanics succumbed to the cancer bug in 2009; as compared to 29611 deaths where the common cause of death was taken to be a heart condition. Heart disease is the leading reason for death amongst the African-American and Non-Hispanics. It is being estimated by the American Cancer Society that in 2012 nearly 112,800 Hispanics will be diagnosed by cancer and 33,200 may die from the deadly disease.

The data graph foretells a national trend of additional number of deaths due to cancer. Becky Siegel, an epidemiologist stated that maybe “death rates for heart disease have been declining more rapidly than for cancer, helped by better treatments for heart problems such as cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.”

To support the above stated fact Siegel claimed “In the U.S. overall, cancer is the leading cause of death among people younger than 85.”

Hispanics are diagnosed with lesser number of prostate, breast, lung and colon cancer as compared to other non-Hispanic white Americans. Almost double the cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in the non-Hispanic whites as compared to the Hispanics. Hispanics are known for their dislike of the smoking habit. Staying away from the cigarette maybe the reason, for the lesser number of lung cancer cases.

U.S Hispanics mostly come up with a medical condition due to stomach, cervix, liver and gall bladder cancer, confirm the authorities.

“These cancers that are associated with infectious agents are four times more common in Latin America than they are in North America,” stated Siegel. “They are bringing basically this cancer risk with them from their home countries.”

The Hispanics may be suffering from different cancers due to occupational hazards feel the authorities but the death rate for both heart disease and cancer have decreased in the last few years in the Hispanic Population in the U.S, confirmed the report.


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