Why Getting Tested For An STD Is Vitally Important For Your Health

Why Getting Tested For An STD Is Vitally Important For Your Health

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The spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) in our society is very high. We live in a far more open minded environment than our parents or grandparents, and consequently, a significant number of teenagers today are having sexual intercourse.

Regrettably, although these teenagers are old enough to enjoy sex, they aren’t necessarily mature enough to sensibly handle the signs and symptoms of STD, preferring to keep the problem to themselves, rather than seeking the advice of a doctor straight away.

Possibly part of the problem is that the public aren’t always conscious of just what the symptoms of an STD are, and once they do have a symptom they are often too shy to see a doctor regarding it.

General symptoms of an STD may include rashes, warts, burning sensations, sensitivity, pain, or discharges. Symptoms of this kind can be found in both men and women.

Should any of these symptoms be present then it is important to avoid any additional sexual involvement with anyone else so as to avoid passing the disease. Naturaly, taking precautions, like using a condom could have significantly reduced the probability of your getting the STD to start with!

One of the problems with STD’s is that it is very likely for a person to be infected and not be aware of it. Nevertheless, despite there being no obvious signs or symptoms of any disease that does not indicate that it is safe to engage in sex. The infection may still be passed.

Left untreated, STD’s will not simply disappear. The symptoms may recede in some cases but the eventual cost of an untreated STD can be severe, and depending on the STD can end in cancer or death. Regardless of how embarrassing it may seem, consulting your doctor at the earliest opportunity is definitely the right thing to do!

At the end of the day the only really certain way to steer clear of catching an STD is to totally avoid sex! And since that’s neither practical or desirable, that means that you have to be careful of who you are having sex with, knowledgeable of your partners sexual past, and if you happen to be uncertain, take precautions, like wearing a condom.


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