Examples Of What Causes Cancer

Examples Of What Causes Cancer

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What causes cancer? The causes of cancer can be described in two dimensions, the factors that make someone susceptible to cancer and the carcinogen that triggered the cancer.

A carcinogen is something that is known to increase someones risk of cancer. Tobacco smoke and sun damage are well known carcinogens.

A carcinogen can increase the risk of certain types of cancer and not affect the risk of other types of cancer. Tobacco smoke can cause lung cancer, but does not cause breast cancer or skin cancer.

Other factors make someone susceptible to damage caused by carcinogens. One risk factor is heredity. Genetics can make some people more prone to certain cancers than the normal risk.

Advanced age is a risk factor for cancer. As someone gets older, their risk of cancer increases. Some experts say that if people would live long enough, they would certainly develop certain cancers based on the risk associated with age alone.

An unhealthy lifestyle with poor diet, lack of exercise, and use of alcohol can increase someones risk of cancer. Eating large amounts of red meat and not enough fruit and vegetables is considered to increase the risk of cancer.

The immune system can affect the risk of cancer. A weakened immune system can increase a persons risk of certain cancers.

Some types of cancer can be caused by a viral infection. The viral infection can cause changes in the cells that can lead to cancer. Some types of cancer that can be caused by viral infections are stomach cancer and cervical cancer.

Sometimes, the cancer can be caused by an accidental change in the structure of new cells during cell division. The changes in the new cells may be harmless or can lead to cancer.

Many factors, like heredity, are not controllable. If a person can change some factors, like avoiding excessive sun exposure and quitting smoking, they may be able to decrease their risk of some cancers.


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