Month: February 2018

How can you tell if you’re having ovarian cyst symptoms? No matter what age, ovarian cysts are a very common occurrence in females. Information has revealed that close to 80% of females around the world will get an ovarian cyst at some time in their existence. A physican can refer you to an ultrasound technician […]

Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences

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The Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences (TIPS) is the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) model paramedical institute of Tripura established in 2009. It isa joint venture between Govt. of Tripura and BIPS, Kalyani (W.B.). In response to a notification of Govt. of Tripura as regard to expression of interest for a PPP model institute, BIPS […]

If you smoke cigarettes you’ve probably at one time or another wondered what kinds of cancer are caused by smoking cigarettes. You know there are health concerns with smoking but you may not know all of them. You no doubt have heard that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, but there are other kinds of cancer […]

Understanding Thyroid Cancer

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Being diagnosed with any type of cancer can be a scary experience. However, some cancers have a higher success rate than others and thyroid cancer happens to be one of those cancers. Those who are diagnosed with thyroid cancer have about a 90% chance of being given a good or excellent chance of full recovery. […]

The Common 3 Types Of Skin Cancer: Avoiding Them

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To prevent the skin cancer from developing on your body, there are common things in which that you can do to prevent yourself from developing them, even though all of these are not surefire means to do so. If you want to take the proper steps towards protecting yourself from the 3 types of skin […]

A new study published in the on line version of the journal Cancer March 26, 2012 shows that there are disparities in counseling and treatment to protect women’s fertility when they go through treatment for various types of cancers. “Although more women are getting counseled regarding reproductive health risks, many women are still not receiving […]

When you consider that this century has been called the “age of chemistry,” it’s no wonder that alarmists shout there is no longer any available pristine air to breathe or water to drink. Man-made chemical compounds have changed our lives. Pesticides on almost all of our foods, processing of the foods themselves, thousands of toxins […]

How Personal Trainers Motivate

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Changing areas of your life can always be a difficult challenge and the one thing that always becomes a problem is a lack of motivation. We think about doing it and want to do it but don’t have the motivation to do it. It can be any task in your life from losing weight to […]

Symptoms of hemroids – If spotted early enough and treated, can reduce the chances of developing cancer of the colon. It could also lead to you losing the ability to control your bowel movements. Hemerrhoids symptoms can be many and varied and can even be mistaken for another disease. You may even have hemorrhoids for […]